2020 MICSA Officers and Directors
Chet Ricker | President
Great Oaks Country Club

Audra Murdock | Vice President | Treasurer
Oakland Hills Country Club

Sara Fritz | Secretary
Red Run Golf Club

Carol Kutulski | Member at Large
Western Golf & Contry Club

Guy Gehlert | Immediate Past President
Country Club of Detroit

Bob Crosby | Coaches | Board Liaison

Teryl Murphy | Executive Secretary | Webmaster 

MICSA Website
The Michigan Inter-Club Swimming Association was formed in the spring of 1940 as a result of interest in competitive swimming by several area clubs. The first MICSA Finals event in 1940 consisted of 17 events and four relays as opposed to 58 events and six relays today.

Clarence Pinkston was instrumental in the development of the swimming association. Mr. Pinkston served as aquatics director for the DAC from 1927 until 1961. Additionally, Clarence and his wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Becker-Pinkston, coached swimming at the Detroit Golf Club. The trophy still given out today to the winning coach at the MICSA Finals is called the Pinkston Trophy in honor of him. Mr. Pinkston was an Olympic platform diving champion at Antwey in 1920 and a bronze medal winner at Paris in 1924. His wife, Betty, won the women's springboard diving championship at the Paris Olympics in 1924 and the platform championship in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928. Between them, the Pinkstons won seven medals in three Olympic games.

At the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the auditorium is named the Clarence Pinkston Memorial Auditorium. On display at the Hall of Fame are both the original flag we was presented with at the 1920 Olympics and vintage MICSA medals.

The six original member clubs of the MICSA were the Detroit Golf Club, Detroit Boat Club, Detroit Yacht Club, Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Flint Country Club, and Oakland Hills Country Club. The current member clubs joined in the following years:
  • 1940 - Detroit Golf Club, Detroit Yacht Club, Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Oakland Hills Country Club
  • 1954 - Red Run Golf Club, Lochmoor Club, Plum Hollow Country Club, Western Golf and Country Club
  • 1956 - Country Club of Detroit
  • 1957 - Dearborn Country Club
  • 1958 - Grosse Ile Golf & Country Club
  • 1967 - Birmingham Athletic Club
  • 1994 - Great Oaks Country Club
  • 2014 - Edgewood Country Club