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June 18, 2020

As the Club continues to define operations under State restrictions, all upcoming events have been reviewed in great detail to ensure the least amount of disruption possible to the Membership. No more is true than for the MICSA Swim Finals, which is scheduled for July 24th, 25th, and 26th. With the uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted, the Club will be moving forward with hosting Swim Finals virtually. We understand that this news may be unfavorable for some, and we did not come to this decision without due diligence.

The Staff and Chairs have been exploring many options, as well as engaged, listened, & solicited member feedback. For these reasons listed below, are the main factors for this outcome:
  • The next phase indicates that 250 people outside may gather. If this is in fact the case at the time of the meet, the pool and surrounding areas could not provide this amount of people with social distance guidelines.
  • This year we have opened the Club with no guests for the foreseeable future to maximize Member experience, due to the many restrictions of COVID-19, along with the safety of our Members and Staff.
  • Large gatherings worldwide, i.e. Concerts and Sporting Events have been either canceled or altered, and none scheduled in the month of July.
Doing this ensures we can provide all safety measures for Membership and Staff, adhere to all State restrictions, and not put the Club in any position of violations. As much as we would enjoy hosting this event at the highest level possible for the Membership and the greater club community, we need to ensure that we keep all involved safe.

I thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and effort regarding this event, as this will look different. The Chairs and Staff are in the process of defining all the details for this new look Swim Finals and will provide it to you shortly.

Rory Godfrey, CCM
General Manager/COO