WELCOME TO OAKLAND HILLS!  Founded in 1916, Oakland Hills Country Club is extremely proud of its rich heritage and its contributions to the game of golf.  Walter Hagen, five time PGA Champion, was the Club's first head professional.  The South Course has played host to 17 Championships, including six U.S. Opens, two U.S. Senior Opens, the U.S. Women’s Amateur, two U.S. Men’s Amateurs, the Western Open, the Carling World Open, the 35th Ryder Cup Match in 2004, and three PGA Championships--including the 90th PGA Championship in 2008.
As stewards of one of the great golf venues, the members of Oakland Hills seek to preserve our history and traditions. The members of Oakland Hills have adopted several rules that are designed to preserve the traditions and enhance the experience at Oakland Hills.  Please take a second to familiarize yourself with these rules and enjoy yourself at Oakland Hills.



GOLF BAGS:  Upon arrival, guests should drop off their golf bags with the attendant as they enter the grounds.  Upon departure, the golf bags should be picked up in the same general area or in a nearby secure area to be identified by an attendant. Golf bags should not be taken to your car on golf carts at the conclusion of the round of golf.
CELL PHONES: You can only use your cell phone or pager (or any form of PDA) in your vehicle, in a locker room or in a bathroom.
CHANGING SHOES: Shoes are not to be changed in the parking lot.  Please come up to the Men’s or Women’s Locker Room where our locker room attendants will be happy to get a locker for you.
ATTIRE: Proper attire is required at all times in the public areas of the Clubhouse including the Verandah and South Patio.  This rule defines the minimum requirement for proper attire.  Members are responsible for advising their guests of the appropriate attire for any event.  The Club always honors more traditional attire, and good taste and judgment should always prevail in the absence of a specific requirement. When in doubt, the Club prefers that its members and guests dress up rather than dress down when visiting the Club. Clubhouse attire generally means business casual except as provided herein or specified by the Board for special events. All clothing must be neat, clean, un-tattered and otherwise orderly.  Shirttails must be tucked in everywhere, except as set forth below. Attire for minors should reflect the same policy as for adults.

Please note that this rule does not apply to the golf courses or the tennis courts and the members should refer to Section 5.0 of the Golf Rules and Section 73.5 of the Clubhouse Rules, respectively, for appropriate attire in those areas.
Allowed Attire:
Attire that is deemed appropriate in the Clubhouse at all times:
  • Men/Boys: Traditional club attire which includes a sport coat, a collared shirt, dress or casual non-denim slacks or bermuda length shorts
  • Women/Girls: Dresses, skirts, slacks and shorts of mid-thigh length, sleeveless shirts with a collar
Prohibited Attire:
Attire that is deemed inappropriate in the Clubhouse at all times (unless specifically authorized by the Board for a special function or set forth below as an “exception”):
  • Denims irrespective of color or attire piece
  • T-Shirts and sleeveless shirts without a collar
  • Cargo style pants or shorts
  • Swim apparel
  • Tank tops, crop tops or halter tops
  • Hats and visors for men/boys
  • Athletic or workout apparel
Notwithstanding the forgoing prohibited attire, the following attire can be worn as specified:
  • Tailored button-down collared dress or casual collared shirts which by their design are intended to be worn without being tucked into pants, shorts or skirts.
  • Hats and visors may be worn in the workout rooms, locker room and stairwells to and from the locker rooms to the golf courses or parking lot.
  • Athletic and normal exercise or work-out apparel may be worn in the workout areas, locker rooms, tennis area, pool area and platform tennis area.
GOLF CARTS:  Please use the golf carts in designated areas only, particularly when driving through the parking lot to the range.  On the course, please follow the cart paths and keep carts at least 20 yards from all greens, traps and other hazards.
PACE OF PLAY: Please be prepared to play in 4 hours or less.  Be prepared to play at all times.  Always carry an extra ball.  Be ready to hit when it is your turn and feel free to play ready golf.  Always rake your own fairway bunker and replace your own divot.  Repair ball marks and prepare to putt while others are playing their ball.  Play from the appropriate tees.  When sharing a cart, please leave your playing partner after he or she has selected a club and proceed to your ball so that you will be ready to hit when it is your turn.  If uncertain of club selection, please take two or three clubs with you to the ball.
SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse and all outside dining areas.  Smoking is permitted in the designated area of the viewing patio overlooking the 18th green.